This page has spoilers about chapter one, and tells you what to do.

All images found below at the bottom.

Ok, lets get right into when you spawn in. To get out of the "horrible room" grab the key under the bed by clicking on it:

Next, walk out and avoid red beams from the tower. Go along the sides of the

area to avoid them best. Next walk into the tower and you will see this:

Jump right up to the generator ahead and don't fall into the lava. Look behind the crates to find the key to the big crate next to the generator. Click on the key then come back out. You will see the big crate open, find the remote inside then click on it to explode the generator. The lava will drain so walk back out into the main area then find the crack in the wall:

Go into then walk through the black bit. You will be at a moving area with walls, so avoid them and don't get hit by them. Zoom right into the next area and talk to the leader (character on the stool with the dialogue box above him):

To get out, ask him the first option (can you open the door to the outside) and then clean the homebase by clicking on the darker spots on the floor:

Once gotten all 4 spots, talk to the leader again and say the only option. Then he will open the metal door for you to walk out and go to the next chapter!


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